Setting the Bar: UFP Technologies Offers High Speed, Optically Registered Die Cutting Services

As a leader in the foam fabrication industry, UFP Technologies has a long list of manufacturing capabilities that sets ourselves apart from our competitors.  With nearly ten percent of our team comprised of engineers, UFP Technologies truly values creative innovation and continuously improving our capabilities and efficiencies as a manufacturer.  One of these efficiencies comes in the form of our high speed, optically registered die cutting services for foam materials, fiberboard, and plastic.

In the most basic terms, die cutting is the stamping out of parts and custom shapes using various types of tonnage presses that are used in order to ensure dimensionally accuracy.  However, UFP Technologies advances this technology with our high speed, optically registered die cutting services that offer the next step in precision and accuracy.  By combining the speed of die cutting with an accurate digital cutting system, UFP Technologies can create a wide range of precise high volume components.  From gaskets, lay-flat fiberboard, and decorative case inserts, optical die cutting is ideal for automotive components, packaging, and sporting goods.  The technology can be can be customized to meet unique customer requirements including kiss cutting, tight registration graphics, creased and perforated edges and embossed areas.   Along with our high-speed optically registered die cutting technology, UFP Technologies also offers in-house design, engineering, tooling, and prototyping services to provide you with all the support you need.

The specifics:  With our high precision machines and industry experience and expertise, UFP Technologies is able to cut materials within +/-.001 of the target.  UFP Technologies can also support large volume requirements in a timely and cost effective manner with its high speed output of up to 30 cycles per minute.   Our die cutting services can support part dimensions up to 12” wide and 18” long as well as sheet stock up to 18” wide by 40” long.

UFP Technologies is dedicated to quality craftsmanship in order to achieve the most precise and accurate results.  With our advanced machinery and accomplished team of engineers, UFP Technologies can provide you with complete, go-to optical die cutting services and solutions.  Our drive for innovation and greater efficiencies in order to better serve our customers pushes us to set the bar high and exceed expectations.

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