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Operating Principles

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We believe the primary purpose of our company is to serve our customers. We seek to “wow” our customers with responsiveness and great products.


We will conduct our business at all times and all places with absolute integrity with regard to employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.


We are dedicated to providing a positive, challenging, rewarding work environment for all our employees.


We are dedicated to the never-ending process of continually improving our quality of products, quality of service, quality of communications, quality of relationships, and quality of commitments.


We seek to simplify our business process through the constant reexamination of our methods and eliminations of all non-value added activities.


We strive to create an environment which encourages autonomous decision-making and a sense of ownership at all levels of the company.


Although profit is not the sole reason for our existence, it is the lifeblood that allows us to exist.