Advanced Components

Custom Engineered Components & Packaging

Turning your vision into a reality.

Design & Development Through Manufacturing

Expertise At Every Phase

Wherever you are in the evolution of your product, we are uniquely positioned to help you expedite the process. Our innovative process takes you through all phases of development from early-stage design and engineering to launch and full-scale manufacturing.


Wide Ranging Solutions

Sound, air, fluid, temperature. Using innovative combinations of materials and design, UFP expertly controls, supports, protects and secures your product. Discover our wide range of applications for Acoustic & Thermal Insulation, Fluid & Air Management, Comfort, Support, & Protection and more.

Materials Expertise

Advanced Materials, Advanced Solutions

We identify and source the best materials for your application from our network of top global suppliers. Innovative combinations of Foams, Films, Plastics, Adhesives, and Fabrics allow us to deliver the precise characteristics you need for your project.


Innovation In Action

UFP’s manufacturing resources combined with our access to an array of materials gives us the ability to create custom solutions that best fit your needs. We understand the importance of getting to market quickly and efficiently, so our nimble team of engineers, technicians and machinists provide the right combination of services to expedite your project.

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