How Tool Control Can Save You Time, Money, and Headaches

In the aerospace and defense industry, Foreign Object Damage (FOD) is the result of misplaced, mismanaged, and unaccounted for tools, devices, and/or equipment.  For our military and aerospace and defense personnel, FOD can result in enormous financial losses as well as potential catastrophic injuries.  Whether it is a missing tool that is needed to repair landing gear or a tool left behind in a large aircraft engine, simple human error can cause serious and unforgiving damage due to tool mismanagement.  And although potentially dangerous, FOD is also easily preventable.  Foam tool control can prevent FOD problems, and UFP Technologies is a leading designer, supplier, and innovator of these solutions.

UFP Technologies tool control foam solutions use a two color shadow box design that easily highlights any tool missing from its tool storage.  Our innovative designs promote tool accountability and asset management, while enhancing overall productivity.  UFP Technologies in-house engineering team utilizes the latest CAD software programs to design each inserts’ layout, providing the very best protection, user efficiency, and storage for tools.  UFP Technologies can also enhance the organization and control of the tools through its ability to add part numbers, names, or instructions to the foam inserts.  By adding part numbers to the bottom layer of the two-color shadow box foam inserts, each specific tool compartment can be easily and unmistakably identified.

This solution can save you both time and money by reducing the chance of damage to an engine or aircraft.  Furthermore, you will no longer have to waste time tracking down missing items or spend money to buy a new tool when one cannot be found.  As a result, UFP Technologies’ custom tool control solutions can help eliminate FOD.  Contact UFP Technologies today for more information about tool control and to learn how a customized tool control solution can add value, safety, and savings to your operations.

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