How T-Tubes Advance Clean Room Efficiencies

UFP Technologies takes pride in our ability to service our BioPharm customers with solutions that improve efficiencies, safety, and cost-savings.  One of our own products that has helped significantly improve operating efficiencies for our BioPharm partners is T-Tubes®, an advanced tube and pipe insulation system that was specifically developed for stainless steel process lines in clean room environments.  T-Tubes have been employed to reduce space while improving safety, translating into significant money saved and headaches avoided for our customers.

T-Tubes were originally designed to reduce the energy loss, and subsequent dollars expensed, that occurred with traditional pipe insulation systems.  And more importantly, they were designed with the goal of providing personnel protection by making the surfaceT-Tubes, a BioPharm Solution temperature of the insulation safe to touch.  Unlike conventional tube and pipe insulation, T-Tubes do not require any jacketing as they do not permeate, or absorb moisture or cleaning agents. Their thin wall thickness of a ¼ inch, compared to the traditional industry thickness of 2 inches, allows for areas to be insulated that conventionally could not be, while also providing for ample room around the equipment.

Along with emphasizing improved efficiencies and safety, T-Tubes possess excellent moisture, chemical, and UV resistance as well as low smoke, flame, and toxicity properties.  Its fine close-cell nature allows for cutting and installing in cleanroom facilities without the need for bags or hoods. Our customers appreciate the simplicity of the installation process, which is easy and fast as T-Tubes come with custom molded fittings and an overlapping self-adhering tape.  For chill lines and areas where an airtight seal is required, a high temperature silicone adhesive/sealant can be used for seams, ends, and butt-joining.

The latest version of T-Tubes advances the technology with a flexible PVDF film that is directly extruded onto the foam.  This improvement has made the T-Tubes easier to clean, more resilient, and aesthetically-appealing, while maintaining the ideal qualities, like high temperature ceiling and chemical tolerance, that make T-Tubes what they are.

It is part of UFP Technologies mission to seek out inefficiencies that create unnecessary and wasteful problems for businesses and create value-adding improvements toT-Tubes successfully resolve these issues.  With the T-Tubes system, UFP Technologies has generated a solution that resolves not just one, but several, key inefficiencies that previously plagued the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing industry.  T-Tubes’ advanced efficiencies are unparalleled by traditional insulation systems, a fact that has resulted into T-tubes becoming an industry standard.   As a result, T-Tubes have been successfully utilized in over 150 biopharmaceutical facilities across the globe.

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