Exemplifying an Innovative Solution: Lightweight Automotive Sunshades

UFP Technologies dedicates itself to finding creative solutions that increase efficiencies and overall performance for our customers.   Many of these innovative solutions can help reduce overall costs in the long run as a result of their superior quality and advanced engineering.  The design and manufacturing of automotive sunshades offers an ideal example of such a solution.  By reducing vehicle component weights and by not using moving parts, UFP Technologies can help increase gas mileage while decreasing overall manufacturing costs.

Specializing in the automotive interior industry, UFP Technologies has designed lightweight sunshades for automotive sunroof manufacturers that reduce vehicle weight, complexity and cost.   These improvements are essential in meeting new government requirements for fuel economy.   Made from a unique glass fiber composite, UFP Technologies’ sunshades feature an integrated Class A surface, adjustable slide force, rolled front edge, and certified slide force protection.  The sunshade is approximately 20% lighter than other alternatives on the market.  It also has no moving parts, which helps reduce the total amount of parts used for the sunroof assembly.  The sunshade’s design features can result in as much as 40% reduction in parts, which translates into impressive cost reductions for the manufacturer.  This is just one of the countless innovative and efficient component solutions that UFP Technologies takes pride in because of the benefits and value it provides you, our customers.

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