Ensuring a Quiet, Comfortable, and Fuel Efficient Ride

There are around 250 million cars registered in the United States today, but few people realize the diversity of materials that comprise their vehicles. Here at UFP Technologies, we use our vast resource of materials and capabilities to solve some of the most complex automotive challenges. From lightweight sunshade technology, to noise, vibration, and harshness control (NVH) parts, to door panels and armrests; each component offers a superior solution to make your ride as quiet and comfortable as possible.

Custom Automotive Components

On top of the intended benefits of the custom solutions we offer, by utilizing lightweight materials such as specialty foams, fabrics and composites, we reduce overall component weight that ultimately improves gas mileage. Polyethylene foams are durable, and due to their closed-cell structure, have a high resistance to chemicals and moisture. We fabricate sleeves for wires and cables using polyethylene foams because this material protects the wires from moisture and mitigates any rattling.

Reticulated polyurethane foams, however, are open-celled unlike polyethylene foams, and are excellent for filtration. The nature of open-celled foam allows for oils or air to pass through them while filtering out any harmful contaminates. The porosity of the open-celled foams is measured in PPI, or pores per inch. The greater the pores per inch, the finer the filtration. We work with all of our customers to suggest what porosity to use for their unique filtration applications.

UFP Technologies is also an expert in fabricating specialty materials by combining multiple material composites, blends, microcellular foams, and more. The unique lightweight composites that make up our sunshades translate into a product that is about 20% lighter than some alternatives on the market today. Nonwoven fabrics are formed to fit between interior panels and are used to control NVH and improve thermal insulation.

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