Embodying a Vision: Providing Turn Key Solutions

UFP Technologies’ vision as a company is to be our customers’ most valued partner and first choice for engineered solutions involving foams, plastics, natural fibers, and other specialty materials.  We are focused on giving our customers exactly what they need, when they need it.  Often times, this means creating a fully-customizable solution that responds directly to a customer’s specific problem.  UFP Technologies’ commitment to our customers and to our vision can be illustrated in our ability to offer complete turn key product and packaging solutions.

UFP Technologies has designed, manufactured, packaging, labeled, and shipped one-of-a-kind product solutions to our medical device clients.  From dental fluoride trays to surgical devices, UFP Technologies can provide the materials, design, and fabrication capabilities to manufacture and ship your unique product.  For instance, UFP Technologies’ engineers designed and manufactured a surgical device for a customer.  The surgical device was then packaged using our customer’s labels and boxes before being sent out for sterilization at a third party facility.

Acting as both the manufacturer and distributor, UFP Technologies is unique in its ability to play an integral role throughout the entire design process.   UFP Technologies can offer our customers fully customizable solutions that are fitted for each unique challenge, while ensuring the solutions provide the necessary protection, durability, and quality that our customers deserve and expect.   UFP Technologies is committed to practicing and embodying its vision as its customers ‘most valued partner,’ while continuously challenging itself to create and shape innovation.

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