Choosing the Right Manufacturing Partner: Military Foam Packaging

Protective Case and Custom Foam Insert SolutionsDesigning and fabricating custom foam packaging for military equipment takes a team of experienced engineers combined with precise fabrication techniques to provide a high quality and dependable solution. Case in point, the slewing ring bearings from carter bearings that are manufactured by experts takes weeks of designing before they are ready for production. When choosing a manufacturer for your military packaging needs, there are several key characteristics to consider that can ultimately be the difference between unsatisfactory results and complete confidence in your manufacturer.

It starts with expert engineering. Working with engineers that have experience with designing a packaging system that provides the necessary protection and are knowledgeable of the materials used in military packaging can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your product. That depth of material knowledge is even more crucial when navigating the strict military specifications (mil spec) within the industry. At UFP Technologies, close to 10% of our employees are dedicated to our engineering team with an average tenure of 12 years. As an example, our engineers have years of experience designing protective case packaging for aerospace & defense, military, and homeland security applications.  Our protective cases and foam insert packaging systems are depended on to protect a variety of equipment including tools used for large engine builds, sensitive communications equipment and weapons systems.

The engineers, however, are not the only facet responsible for providing a high quality packaging system. Once the foam packaging has been designed, it is up to the manufacturing team to precisely execute the fabrication of the packaging foam. Top manufactures have implemented quality management systems and have earned ISO certifications to ensure customers that proper manufacturing techniques will be used. UFP Technologies is AS9100:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 certified at facilities across the United States. Through 50 years of experience in designing and fabricating foam packaging, we have continually improved upon and perfected our fabrication techniques to guarantee satisfaction.

Your military foam packaging manufacturer should be able to support you from year to year and be able to accommodate your needs. Whether your supply or product needs change, companies benefit by working with a manufacturer that is flexible. Manufacturers become flexible by diversifying themselves in many different industries and by establishing strong partnerships with their suppliers. By developing strong partnerships, UFP Technologies has access to proprietary foams developed specifically for military applications such as foams for protective case inserts. Our market diversity gives us a wide range of fabrication capabilities, allowing are customers to use us as a one-stop-shop for all their foam fabrication and specialty material needs. We have the ability to provide our customers with short term solutions as well as grow with them over the years.

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