UFP Technologies Celebrates 20 Years of Molded Fiber Packaging

August 8, 2013 – Clinton, Iowa – For 20 years, UFP Technologies, Inc. has designed and manufactured custom molded fiber packaging products for customers across North America and Europe.  Founded in Westbrook, Maine in the Fall of 1990, the company (then known as Moulded Fibre Technology) was a pioneer in transforming the technology used to create egg cartons into a viable protective packaging medium for light industrial goods, consumer electronics, and health and beauty products.  In 1993 Moulded Fibre Technology was acquired by UFP (founded in 1963), and subsequently UFP Technologies, Inc. went public trading on the NASDAQ (UFPT).

Molded fiber packaging is made from 100% recycled newspaper which is pulped into a slurry with water.  The slurry is then formed into the final packaging parts.  The end result is a 100% recyclable protective packaging product that is environmentally-friendly and can be placed into curb-side recycling bins.  Since the material has always been recycled newspaper, UFP Technologies has been able support the growing sentiment and initiatives by consumers and U.S. companies alike about the importance of recyclability in packaging.

Over the past 20 years UFP Technologies has grown into the largest manufacturer of custom designed molded fiber interior protective packaging in North America.  By remaining at the forefront of technologies such as hot-pressing (providing a smooth finish to packaging parts for a more aesthetically pleasing presentation), continuously improving manufacturing operations to allow for smaller and more practical runs by its customers, and sophisticated designs by highly skilled packaging engineers to protect fragile products such as personal computers weighing over 30lbs, UFP Technologies has become a trusted leader in this industry.  UFP Technologies has also introduced complimentary services and products from its molded fiber packaging operations such as environmentally-friendly color additives to match a customer’s brand, and a line of protective packaging products for wine bottles, WinePacks®.

Molded fiber packaging for electronics by UFP Technologies

UFP Technologies continues to grow its molded fiber packaging operations by recently investing in new equipment with plans for future expansion.  “We are particularly pleased with the increased efficiency of our two new state-of-the-art molded fiber production lines and are already consider­ing adding a third new line to meet the steadily growing demand,” said R. Jeffrey Bailly, Chairman & CEO, in the company’s second quarter press release dated August 1, 2013.

The primary reasons for UFP Technologies’ continued success and growth are due to its customers and employees.  Longstanding relationships with clients ranging from Yankee Candle, Bath and Body Works, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, and Canon Virginia have been mutually beneficial in providing customers with innovative and reliable packaging solutions and has helped advance UFP Technologies’ molded fiber operations.  Many of the original employees who started with Moulded Fibre Technology are still with UFP Technologies today.  Their wealth of knowledge and innovation has been an integral part in keeping UFP Technologies at the forefront of the molded fiber packaging industry.

About UFP Technologies
UFP Technologies is a producer of innovative custom-engineered components, products, and specialty packaging. Using foams, plastics, composites, and natural fiber materials, we design and manufacture a vast range of solutions primarily for the medical, automotive, aerospace & defense, and packaging markets. Our team acts as an extension of customers’ in-house research, engineering and manufacturing groups, working closely with them to solve their most complex product and packaging challenges. For our customers, innovation takes many shapes. But each solution is shaped by a level of design, materials and process expertise that is unique to UFP Technologies.

WinePacks® is a registered trademark of UFP Technologies, Inc.

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