Molded Fiber’s Green Packaging: Sustainability Merges with Packaging for the Retail and Health & Beauty Markets

Clinton, IA, - August 4, 2008 - Molded Fiber, a UFP Technologies brand, today announced that it has increased its focus on the production of its 100% recycled molded pulp packaging for both the retail and the health and beauty care markets. Recent equipment additions have included large platen, high tonnage presses necessary in the production of "after-pressed" parts, which offer a higher aesthetic appeal than traditionally formed molded pulp. Molded Fiber's Product Manager, Steve McLaughlin notes that the increasing costs of petroleum-based products such as foams and plastics have led to a marked increase in interest and business from many large customers. "With the current environment favoring sustainable types of products, including packaging, we have had a sharp increase in the level of interest from both large consumer goods and health and beauty care companies that require a package with a higher aesthetic appeal." McLaughlin goes on to mention that the increased interest has translated into sustained growth for the molded pulp packaging industry.

Some of the packaging applications that have fueled growth have been after-pressed trays, clamshells and inserts with features including color and clearly defined embossed customer logos. McLaughlin says that Molded Fiber's capabilities in pressing parts allows for a smooth finish on two sides and the ability in manufacturing to hold a design's tolerance much more closely. He does caution that use of color for a part, other than the base newsprint gray, usually only makes sense for very high volume projects. "The fact that we can deliver a part that satisfies some of the most critical eyes in the health and beauty care market and have that part be made from 100% post consumer recycled content is very satisfying."

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Molded Fiber is North America's leading designer and manufacturer of interior packaging solutions made from 100% recycled paper. Commonly referred to as molded pulp packaging, it is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution that reduces labor and saves space while providing superior protection at every stage of a product's sales cycle. For more information call 1-888-671-7774.

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UFP Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ - UFPT) is an innovative designer and custom converter of foams, plastics and natural fiber products. The company serves its customers through three major brands: United Foam, Simco Automotive and Molded Fiber; producing a vast array of custom-engineered packaging solutions and component products in eleven manufacturing facilities across North America. Its customers include leading companies in six core markets: Automotive, Computers & Electronics, Medical & Scientific, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer and Industrial.

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