What is considered medical grade foam?

Medical Grade FoamSearching the Internet for a foam deemed “medical grade” can be an intimidating and discouraging mission. This is especially true when the search results yield an overwhelming amount of similar buzz words to decipher and distinguish (i.e. medical foam, medical grade foam, foam used in medical products, etc.). The term “medical grade” foam means many things to many different people. Here at UFP Technologies, we follow a simple set of guidelines and definitions which allow us to determine the most functional and economical foam to use in our customers’ medical applications.  Below are the most
common foam definitions we use to help select the correct material for your project:

UFP Technologies’ sales and engineering teams pair your project’s requirements with the above classifications to ensure that we are providing you with a superior, technical foam solution. We are then equipped to engineer and fabricate an innovative solution for you at one of our ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing sites. The ISO 13485:2003 certification is a method of systems and documentation to ensure that the manufacturer does not change the raw material or the methods of fabricating during the manufacturing process. Choosing to keep the production within an ISO 13485:2003 facility is becoming an industry standard. After all, the investment of time and economics has already been made to determine the appropriate medical grade foam.

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