Medical Device Packaging: Where Timing is Everything

The lifecycle of bringing a new medical device or system to market has a number of significant milestones that can either facilitate or hinder the launch date of the new product.  One of these essential milestones that can have an enormous impact on the time it takes the medical device to get to market occurs at the packaging stage.  Due to the long list of requirements that a medical device and its packaging must pass prior to its introduction, it is important for manufacturers to begin thinking about the packaging of the medical device or system as early in the product’s lifecycle as possible.  Also, if a device manufacturer does not have a certified packaging engineer on staff, it would be wise for the manufacturer to consult or partner with a medical device packaging specialist in order to be informed of the protocols that could be essential to gaining FDA approval down the line. The certified packaging consultant can also help shed light on any limitations and mitigate any unrealistic expectations about packaging that may hamper the introduction of the product.

Packaging specialists advise manufacturers to be aware that timing may be a deciding factor in determining what materials and fabrication methods can be used for their packaging system, as shorter lead times may limit the possibilities.  For instance, compression molding may not work due to the time needed to create custom tooling, so a die-cut part may have to be used instead.  Overlooking the packaging stage and the extensive time it may require can result in enormous loss revenues.

To help alleviate the many potential packaging challenges, partnering with a packaging manufacturer like UFP Technologies can provide you with the knowledge, experience, and expertise necessary to create the packaging solution that is right for you.  UFP Technologies can serve as an extension of your R&D and engineering teams to develop and design innovative packaging systems for applications including surgical tools, electronic devices, endoscopes and orthopedic implants and screws.  Often times, these packaging solutions are extremely unique and customizable.

For instance, UFP Technologies designed, engineered, and manufactured a customized, all-in-one, first-of-its-kind packaging solution for a complete specialty surgical procedure kit.  The kit provides surgeons with all of their necessary tools in one portable and sterile packaging, and can be disposed of after use.  Another project involved contract manufacturing and packaging for a surgical hand immobilizer, made with a pliable aluminum interior for easy hand position, and lamented to a foam exterior for patient comfort.  To ensure its safety, the product was then sterile wrapped, sealed in a polyethylene and paper pouch, and shipped for gamma sterilization.

Working with UFP Technologies can help shorten the time it takes to get a medical device or system to market.  Packaging can be done concurrently with the design and development of the product to shorten its overall lifecycle.  As one of the industries’ largest foam and specialty material packaging experts for medical devices, UFP Technologies can provide you with quality packaging system due in part to our extensive work in the medical industry, packaging design expertise, access to advanced materials, quality certifications and clean room fabrication facilities.  So get an early start on your successful packaging solution and contact us for solutions to your challenges today!

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