Ensuring Quality and Safety With Clean Room Facilities

As an innovative manufacturer of packaging, components, and branded products for the medical industry, UFP Technologies takes its quality control systems seriously.  Quality is an essential value and operating principle at the heart of UFP Technologies’ business.  When a medical device or medical equipment is brought into the operating room, there can be no questions about the integrity of the packaging or components that are a part of the product.  In order to ensure the absolute reliability of the packaging, UFP Technologies has multiple clean room and controlled environment facilities.  These facilities include ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000), upgradeable to ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000), HEPA cleaning stations, and numerous work centers that monitor bioburden levels for additional protection.

Manufacturing components, packaging, and products in clean room environments can eliminate the risk of oxidation, while providing excellent shock and vibration protection throughout the distribution chain.  Within our clean rooms and controlled environment Clean Room Facilitiesfacilities, UFP Technologies has the ability to compression mold, thermoform, rotary press, die-cut and package our customers’ solutions.  UFP Technologies utilizes these manufacturing techniques to develop innovative packaging systems for surgical tools, electronic devices, endoscopes and orthopedic implants and screws; and components & products that service a myriad of applications including fluid management, filtration, sterilization systems, patient comfort and more.  In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, UFP Technologies has access to a wide array of foams and advanced materials that can be fabricated within clean rooms.

With our tightly controlled quality systems and access to advanced materials, UFP Technologies has earned the trust of our medical clients and their customers.  UFP Technologies is dedicated to continually improving the quality of our products and services and takes pride in the quality systems we maintain in order to service our customers in the medical industry.

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