Advanced Materials for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

UFP Technologies is continually researching advanced materials to diversify our portfolio in order to provide our customers with the most options possible.  Often times, we are also able to expand our offerings by combining multiple materials, generating unique composites with specialized properties that could not otherwise be achieved.  In doing so, we customize materials and solutions that cater directly to our customers’ requirements to solve their unique challenges.  This can be exemplified in our work in developing negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) solutions.

Negative pressure wound therapy is a therapeutic technique used to handle hard-to-treat acute and chronic wounds.  A localized vacuum is applied to the wound and creates continuous and intermittent negative pressure inside of it to remove fluid, exudates, and infectious materials1.  This provides a moist environment which promotes rapid healing and wound closure2.  NPWT systems include a vacuum pump, draining tubing, and a dressing set2.  NPWT has experienced dramatic growth over the last decade with health care providers more rapidly adopting the technology as awareness increases and further clinical evidence of its benefits is published3.  Since the first NPWT model gained FDA approval in 1997, the system has evolved significantly with new device and dressing features that have been added to ensure a safer, more efficient, and more user-friendly system1.

NPWT Solutions by UFP TechonologiesUFP Technologies specializes in designing and fabricating dynamic dressings for NWPT that promote and enhance healing as well as expedite the healing process for a patient.  Foam is the most commonly used dressing in negative pressure wound therapy because it is easy to apply, suitable for a diverse range of wound types and sizes, and can effectively achieve the goals of NPWT, including a reduction in wound dimensions and improvement in granulation tissue of the wound bed2.  We manufacture components and products using reticulated polyurethane medical foams which are easy to clean, impervious to microbial organisms, and can be made with fungicidal and bactericidal additives for added safety.  With open-cell, hydrophobic properties, reticulated foams help evenly distribute negative pressure at the wound site.  We have the unique ability to die-cut, fabricate, RF weld, thermoform, and laminate reticulated polyurethane foam, as well as combine it with other specialty materials.

For instance, we often combine reticulated polyurethane foam with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films.  TPU films are used widely for medical applications because Specialty Foams for Wound Care they offer excellent water, fungus and abrasion resistance. They are also soft, breathable, and conformable which help to enhance patient comfort.   Additionally, we have access to silver foam dressings, which provide an effective barrier to bacterial penetration while offering advanced moist wound healing technologies.  Our engineers are continuously working to research and develop new combinations of materials, which can then be produced with our advanced manufacturing capabilities.  These unique capabilities allow us to be at the forefront of new technology for the next generation of dynamic dressings.  We serve as a valuable partner for wound care solutions providers who require our help in designing and manufacturing new disposable fluid management components, which often advance the possibilities of what a wound care solution can do.

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