6 Things that Make the BioShell Suspension Pack Unique

UFP Technologies BioShell Suspension Pack is the next generation of protection for single-use biopharmaceutical bags.  Offering maximum protection and superior flexibility, this universal storage container is revolutionizing the BioPharm industry through its innovative design.  Below is a list of unique characteristics that make the BioShell Suspension Pack truly one-of-a-kind:

1) Its suspension design.First and foremost, the BioShell Suspension Pack advances bag protection through its innovative protection of contents within a cushion of air. Bags are enveloped tightly in a durable film that suspends products within a polycarbonate shell. The suspension film absorbs shocks during impact allowing bags to move within the cushion of air. This prevents damage by eliminating contact with the shell.

2) It offers versatility for both liquid and frozen bags.The first generation of BioShell, launched in 2009, was an innovative solution for frozen bag protection that became widely adopted across the BioPharm industry.   However, as the next step in protection, the BioShell Suspension Pack can be used as a process tray for liquid bags as well as for freezing, storage and transportation.

3) The design allows for varying sized bags.BioShell Suspension Pack allows for exceptional versatility.  The design allows for use BioPharm BioShell Suspension Packwith a varying number of tubes, tube lengths, data loggers, clamps or filters.  Varying sized bags at any fill level can be loaded into the same shell without compromising security.

4) All contents are in plain sight. All contents can be clearly seen through the UV protective shell and film.  Any possible kinks and/or stress points are in view for quick correction.

5) It is stackable.The BioShell Suspension Pack’s stackable design increases efficiency and reduces wasted space.  It is also designed to maximize part density in industry standard freezers.

6) The entire system is fully customizable.Each BioShell Suspension Pack is custom created for user’s bags, equipment and processes.  User specific bag dimensions, port and hose locations, storage, handling procedures, and transportation equipment determine each design.UFP Technologies BioShell Suspension Pack advances bag protection through its state-of-the-art design that offers tremendous versatility during storage, handling, and shipping.  The clear, impact resistant system is designed to offer maximum protection and flexibility in a universal storage container.  Advanced protection starts today.

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